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China Fashionistas Get Best Deals on Gucci, Hermes Bling: Retail – Bloomberg

Patent and Trademark Office refused to do so (because of objections raised by the Buccellati company, which owned the registered brands Buccellati and Laura). On promotional tours you continue to imply you still have ties to the Buccellati company and that consumers can rely on the Buccellati brand name when considering your handbags. You sell your handbags in the same channels of trade and in some of the same stores where Buccellati fine products are sold. Heres the surprise. At the end of July 2014, the court ordered Laura to stop using the Buccellati brand name, to take the name off of her handbags or else deliver all of her inventory to the company, to trash all of her marketing and promotional material, in print or online, and to stop using misleading statements about her connection to the famous Buccellati jewelry business. But, Laura did not have to pay one penny of damages to the Buccellati company for past infringement. The jury decided no damages were in order. Probably they were swayed by the fact that even while Laura was infringing, Buccellati sold a controlling interest in the company for $100 million.

Neither company breaks out China sales. About a quarter of fiscal 2014 sales jual gorden harga grosir at Cie. Financiere Richemont SA (CFR) , owner of tony brands such as Cartier and Piaget, came from China and Hong Kong. A record number of luxury brands approached website Glamour Sales China this year about running flash sales online events held over a few days, said Chief Executive Officer Thibault Villet. The Shanghai-based Frenchman quit as Coachs president for Greater China in 2009 to start the website, which sells off-season products from Fendi, Tods, Dolce & Gabbana , and other luxe brands to its 4million Chinese members. Hidden Events In the past few months, weve signed deals for the first time with brands that didnt work with us for the previous four years, said Villet, who also introduced hidden events this year, restricted to VIP customers and catering to brands that didnt want public sales to tarnish their image. Some recent rounds of discounting have been low-profile, with word of private sales conveyed to regular customers through personal mail, text messages to their mobile phones, or popular online messaging apps such as Tencent Holdings WeChat. Cartier, the maker of $50,000 watches, sent a WeChat message in June telling some of its customers about a high jewelry exhibition with all pieces at Hong Kong prices in North China.

China Fashionistas Get Best Deals on Gucci, Hermes Bling – Yahoo Finance

Last year 67 percent of luxury products purchased by mainland Chinese were acquired outside the country, according to Bain. Sales Contribution Keeping mainland consumers spending is key for makers of luxury brands because China now accounts for a major portion of their sales. LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (MC) got about 30 percent of its 2013 revenue from Asia, excluding Japan, while Kering’s luxury unit got 31 percent of sales from the region, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Neither company breaks out China sales. About a quarter of fiscal 2014 sales at Cie. Financiere Richemont SA (CFR), owner of tony brands such as Cartier and Piaget, came from China and Hong Kong.

Why COACH, Michael Kors, Apple, GM and New Balance are Succeeding in China – Forbes

Key areas of concentration are consumer products, retail, luxury, healthcare and automotive. I have completed projects and campaigns for more than 200 multinational as well as small and medium sized enterprises in China. I was previously managing director of China BrightStar, a china-focused consulting firm, and VP at Beijing Gongmei, a Chinese manufacturing conglomerate. I regularly appear in the media and am a frequent speaker at conferences, universities and special events providing insight on Chinese business, politics and culture.


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